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#101 How to create an awesome Sales Process

How to create an awesome sales process

This episode Mel is joined by the CEO and Founder of SalesEnabla, and part-time Adventurer Matt Garman to talk about creating an awesome Sales Process.

Sales are an intrinsic part of any business, and while you may be happy with your current way of working, there is a lot you can do to optimize your process to increase the quality of your leads.

Today, Mel and Matt dive into Matt’s book ‘Learning the Ropes’ to explain the four pillars of Sales and how you can use these as a basis to improve your Sales Process.

You’ll learn

  • Matt’s previous endurance challenges and preparing to undertake the World’s toughest row – 3000 miles across the Atlantic  – The Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge
  • Why Matt wrote ‘Learning the Ropes’
  • Matt’s past experience in Sales and his main pain points
  • The four pillars of Sales – Vision, People, Process and Management
  • Why creating a Process for sales is so important
  • The importance of the ‘Discovery’ meeting
  • What does a good Discovery look like?
  • Other key qualities needed for an awesome Sales Process
  • What is SalesEnabla and how can companies use it


In this episode, we talk about:

[03:02] Matt’s past adventures and his latest challenge ‘Ocean Dadventure’

[06:42] How Matt’s epic challenge is supporting two incredible charities -Prostate Cancer UK and WOLO (We Only Live Once) foundation

[08:45] The reason why Matt wrote ‘Learning the Ropes’

[09:07] Matt’s past in Sales and his takeaway from experience

[11:50] An explanation of the four pillars – Vision, People, Process and Management

[17:00] The purpose for creating a Sales Process or ‘Playbook’– and why it’s especially important for smaller businesses

[18:28] The importance of having an effective ‘Discovery meeting’ to ascertain the viability of opportunities

[19:27] What a good ‘Discovery meeting’ looks like

[21:15] What skillset and mindset are needed for an awesome Sales Process

[23:30] An explanation of SalesEnabla and how it can be utilised 

[25:49] How to avoid a high turnover in sales representatives

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