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#86 What is ISO 32210 – Sustainable Finance?

Morgan Hayden – Director of Morgan Green Advisory

Today we’re joined by the Director of Morgan Green Advisory, Hayden Morgan.

Hayden is an independent consultant with a mission to enable a sustainable, lower-carbon future.

He has been pioneering sustainability within the finance sector for almost 25 years, and provides award-winning insights and solutions, focusing on transitioning to beneficial outcomes.

Today we talk about sustainable finance and the work Hayden is doing with leading experts from over 25 countries to develop the new global sustainability standard for financial organisations ISO 32210…

You’ll learn

  • What sustainable finance is and how it works.
  • The best way to get involved with the ISO 32210 standard.
  • The need for a standardised label for sustainable infrastructure.
  • The benefits of implementing the new ISO 32210 standard.
  • When ISO 32210 will be available for organisations to implement.
  • The rise of climate risk strategies in financial markets.


In this episode, we talk about:

[02:24] How Hayden got involved in working in global sustainability.

[04:05] The work Hayden’s been doing on the new sustainable finance standard.

[04:56] How you can get involved with the new ISO 32210 standard.

[06:48] Hayden’s involvement advising the world bank around the development of a label for sustainable infrastructure.

[10:42] The pilot projects taking part in a sustainable infrastructure label.

[11:51] What sustainable finance is.

[12:39] The principles of the ISO 32210 standard and how it complements other requirements.

[15:30] The implementation guidance for ISO 32210’s principles.

[17:09] The best practice resources that will be available to help people implement the standard.

[18:17] The benefits of implementing the ISO 32210 standard.

[22:16] The plans for the standard and the expected launch date for the ISO 32210 standard.

[23:41] The sustainable integration work and climate risk strategies Hayden works on at Morgan Green Advisory.

If you need assistance with implementing ISO 32210 or another standard – Contact us!

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