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Blackmores Beginnings – Where it began with the ISO Support Plan!

ISO Show episode 23 Tumb

I thought we’d take a step back in time, to explain how Blackmores began. Not by implementing ISO Standards, but by offering support to a company that was already certified to ISO 9001 – my employer at the time.  I share my journey as a working mum juggling two children and my role as a Quality Manager, which triggered my Eureka moment resulting in the launch of Blackmores in 2006.

In the podcast, I explain about the some of the pain points that many organisations suffer with ISO Standards, and how the ISO Support Plan service alleviates these issues.  Some of the issues facing businesses include :-

  1. Internal auditors not being comfortable about auditing their peers.
  2. Internal auditors not being particularly objective or impartial when auditing their boss!
  3. Fed up with paying for training for a high turnover of internal auditors
  4. Managers not having time to update processes
  5. Managers not aware of their legal, regulatory or ISO Standards requirements
  6. Not updating key information i.e. Risk Register, BCP’s, environmental/energy metrics
  7. Not reviewing key information i.e. Objectives, Environmental/H & S/Data Security trends

If you find you’re juggling too many balls, and the ISO ball drops every now and then, our podcast explains the solution to keeping your balls flying high! For further information check out our ISO Support Plan page.

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