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The ISO Show: Episode 26 -ISO 45001 Steps to Success Series (Part 3)

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The third and final episode in our ISO 45001 Steps to Success Podcast Series covers launching and demonstrating compliance in preparation for an assessment.  Paul Robinson, Managing Consultant at Blackmores shares hints and tips for the final stages of implementing your Health and Safety System.

How to launch your ISO 45001 Health and Safety System

Prior to the launch, take a breath, and step back to the original ISO 45001 Gap Analysis findings and revisit all the key points to ensure that everything is in place prior to the launch. You need to be confident that you have covered Health and Safety from all angles to drive forward a robust Health and Safety System.

It’s important to draw a line in the sand, and move forward with a positive approach to Health and Safety as this will be the catalyst to initiating a positive Health and Safety Culture. Here are a few tips to consider for the launch:-

  • Cascaded message from Senior Management i.e. email from the CEO, top
  • Engaging your Communications/Marketing Teams’ (if you have one) with executing a Communications Plan i.e. Posters/screensavers
  • Establish effective mechanisms for communicating at all levels i.e. lunch and learn awareness sessions, Tool box talks, even information sent with a Payslip has been known to grab attention.
  • Health and Safety inductions for new and existing employees.
  • On-site safety notices/instructions for employees and other stakeholders visiting the company premises i.e. clients/suppliers.
  • Clear communication regarding how employees play a role in driving continual improvement
  • Promote the protection of health, wellbeing and safety

How to use ISO 45001 to meet HSE requirements

The Health and Safety Executive are there for a very good reason, to promote the safety of workers in the UK.  The HSE are incredibly effective at successfully convicting companies in the Great Britain – out of 554 cases, there were 493 convictions in 2017/18.

Are you confident that your organisation can demonstrate compliance to Health and Safety regulations?

ISO 45001 helps to put systems in place, so you can demonstrate compliance. Demonstrating compliance

Below are a few tips for demonstrating compliance :-

  • Monitor and measure the evidence of conformity to H & S regulations and your own H & S Standards (policies and procedures i.e. Risk Assessment results).
  • Evaluate levels of compliance by conducting Internal Audits through an Internal Audit Programme.
  • Consider a process-based approach to compliance (all processes company-wide).
  • Record and retain the records of evidence i.e. Internal Audit, Risk Assessments, Legal Register to identify legal requirements and controls for compliance.
  • Complete full compliance cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act.
  • Ensure Management have reviewed the inputs and outputs of the Management Review clause in ISO 45001.

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