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The ISO Show: Episode 41 – The Brewery’s journey towards Event Sustainability

As a leader in its field, Blackmores have worked in collaboration with the Brewery over the last 5 years, firstly with implementing ISO 9001 and ISO 20121 and then providing on-going support through our ISO support Plan.  So I’m delighted that Arantza (Quality Assurance Director for The Brewery) has joined us today to share with our ISO Show listeners her experience and ISO Journey, along with hints and tips for making events sustainable.

Here are a few highlights:

  1. I know that you have been with The Brewery for many years, please could you share with me your journey to implementing ISO 20121 and ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 provided the structure

Socially responsible organisation, one of the first organisations in the UK to be certified to ISO 20121.

Profit, people and planet, the three pillars go hand in hand at the Brewery

  • Why choose to be certified to ISO 20121?

Help to be more sustainable, also looked at ISO 14001 the Environmental Standard.  The social and economic was important, ISO 20121 gave a more holistic.  With ISO 9001 it helped to provide a structure to bring together all the elements that were in place.

  • What are the main benefits?

Two main benefits that we hadn’t considered, not as a company we have more awareness of how our operations have an impact not only for clients, but stakeholders and are socially responsbible i.e. neighbours.  We have to consider how everything that we do, how to negate any negative affects.  Have to be sustainable not just to reduce plastic,

Benefit – commitment from staff, agency staff.  The issue can be a lack of commitment due to the short-term period of employment which is based around events.  Any  issues have to be investigate, find the route cause,

Interestingly, Arantza has used the Corrective and Preventive action clauses, to improve communications to prevent any issues from happening again.  Now, any issues are raised straight away and management are informed, therefore there is greater trust and empowerment, as issues are not only being raised be staff, but staff are saying why and what can be done to correct the issues. This has helped to develop a culture of continual improvement.

  • What would you say you’ve learnt from the experience of implementing ISO 20121?

The standard tells you what to do not how to do it.

Engage the team, support and explain to staff the reason why.

  • What top tip would you give to someone implementing an ISO Standard?

Consider how we affect the social network of the company to be sustainable. 

If you’d like to learn more about what The Brewery does – visit their website!

If you need assistance with ISO 20121 – we’d be happy to help.

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